Hi everyone,

Fellow horn player and one of my best friends from Northwestern, George Marshall, has also been living in the DC metro area for the past 4 years. It took us far too long, but we've finally collaborated on an artistic project!

I'm so excited to share these videos with you!

George filmed D5 performing 2 of our favorite preludes (though it's v hard to pick favorites) at American University last month. The audio was recorded at AU too.

We've a ways to go with this Chopin project—we ultimately hope to record all 26 Chopin preludes—but I'm delighted to share these videos as a step along the way. Thanks, George, and thanks all for listening!

Prelude #3 (transcribed by David Plylar):

Prelude #15 "Raindrop" (transcribed by David Plylar):

Catch us on Youtube. You can find these videos on our channel!

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