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This November marks 5 months since the release of our debut album!

To celebrate 5 months of #d5chopin, we are sharing with you our 5 favorite preludes from the album that specially feature the quintet's individual instruments.


Laura: Prelude #19

"For some reason, I’m the only one in D5 that loves #19! I think it’s one of the happiest preludes! Oh, and it does feature the flute a little bit..." - LKM


Alison: Prelude #4

"The 'floboe' (flute + oboe blend) is real and gets the best melody of all the preludes in #4!" -A


Zack: Prelude #12

"I like prelude #12 for its energy and unrelenting momentum." - Z


Eddie: Prelude #6

"Prelude #6 fits the bassoon so nicely. And as a bassoonist, you’ve also gotta love when you get a chance to really step into the spotlight." - E


Laura: Prelude #8

"Prelude #8 is one of the most intense and powerful preludes. I love how the horn is used to give the quintet more edge." -LCB


We would love to know what your favorite preludes are!

Laura, Alison, Zack, Eddie, and Laura




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