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I shall create a new world for myself.

– Frederic Chopin

Although the members of District5 traveled across the globe this summer, we managed to come together to create our own part of the chamber music world: a commercial recording of the complete Chopin Preludes! But before we get to that, let’s see some highlights of what everyone has been up to!



had a whirlwind trip to Italy, Spain, and Morocco, as well as Chautauqua, NY. Here she is exploring a different kind of commute through the Atlas Mountains. I think all of us secretly have “quad-biking in the Moroccan desert” on our bucket list. Word is she was a natural.




finished another successful season with the Cathedral Choral Society, visited friends and family on beautiful Cape Cod, and joined a beach volleyball league in Baltimore. She also witnessed the total solar eclipse while playing with the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra in Casper, WY!



managed to crisscross his way through the United States with trips to Lake Tahoe, Richmond, Chicago, and Wisconsin...check out the size of that Muskie! In terms of distance, his last trip of the summer–moving from Maryland to Virginia–was probably his smallest. However, this move represents so much more as it brings him closer to rehearsals for his one-year appointment with the National Symphony Orchestra as Acting Second Bassoon!



started his summer travels slowly with a relaxing trip to Philadelphia but picked up speed for an unforgettable trip to Hawaii! He traded his busy schedule with the Marine Band for a workload of snorkeling, hiking, and laying on the beach.



I am proud to say that I survived an epic trip to Phoenix, AZ where the temperature was 117 degrees. And I know you might be thinking... well, at least it’s a dry heat...let me tell you, there was plenty of humidity. And yes, mail boxes actually melted and people drove their cars wearing oven mitts. Back in D.C., which seemed like a winter wonderland in comparison, we took advantage of the amazing museum scene!


All roads converged, however, in Fredonia, NY this August. We worked with our incredible sound engineer, Paul Coleman, at SUNY Fredonia during a very intense three-day recording session. David Plylar, our Chopin transcriber, Paul, and I were all once board members of a new music ensemble at the Eastman School of Music back in 2005. When I first met Paul, I was struck by his great sense of humor, positivity and appreciation for coffee, (not to mention his phenomenal ear and musical knowledge), and it was such a wonderful opportunity to have D5 work with him on this project. George Marshall, our talented videographer, was there to capture the magic!

Fredonia may not be as glamorous as New York City, but it has its own kind of charm. The quintet managed to take advantage of some of its more unique offerings, such as the local Bob Evans, Applebee’s, oh, and Lake Erie!

We still are amazed that through the support of all of our Kickstarter donors, we were able to record music that is so meaningful to us with such talented people! Thank you again to everyone who helped make this music come alive and we look forward to updating you about our album release later this year!




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