Dress rehearsal

As many of you know, District5 formed as the Graduate Fellowship Quintet in Fall of 2013 at the University of Maryland. We didn't know each other prior to this Fellowship program and quickly needed to rectify that if we wanted dive into new projects as a team. We met early on to discuss what kind of music and projects we envisioned ourselves pursuing in our two years at UMD.

In this very first meeting, Alison said that she always wanted to perform the chamber orchestra arrangement of Das Lied von der Erde. We all agreed that that would be a cool project and added it to our growing list of dream concerts, but the Mahler project simmered on the backburner for a year.

Now finally as our Fellowship program comes to a close- Spring of 2015!- we get to perform this incredible work. D5 teamed up with Exelsa Quartet, mezzo-soprano Michelle Rice, tenor Patrick Cook, and friends to perform Schoenberg's arrangement of Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde, conducted by Edward Maclary.

This project is truly close to our hearts, and we are pumped to finally see this 17-person project come to life!

We hope to have recordings soon.

#mahler #exelsaquartet #dasliedvondererde