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Highlights from 2017...

Featuring: Busoni, faux leather, a recording trip in Fredonia, NY, and new music!


1. With Zack fresh on the D5 scene for only a few months, we dove into a January recording session at UMBC. We got a great live recording of David Plylar's Busoni arrangement. It's finally on Youtube! Give it a listen:

2. The quintet went shopping together and discovered our shared love for [faux] leather!

3. April found us at American University. There we recorded David Plylar's Brahms' Waltzes and two Chopin music videos with George Marshall. (Our first collab with George!)

4. Later in the Spring, we had an incredible photoshoot with Erin J Photography and a got a sleek, new logo from Laura's twin, Meghan Crook Brisson!

5. Perhaps the greatest highlight of 2017 was launching a successful Kickstarter and recording our debut album over the summer!

Thanks to your generous support, we reached our stretch goal. This meant the recording project included complete video as well.

We are so proud of the work that went into this project—getting it off the ground and making it happen! Thanks again to all our supporters, cheerleaders, and collaborators (David, Paul, George)!

So, 2-day recording session complete... Then what?

Well, we've been told that the best way to promote great work is to create more great work.

6. Eddie arranged Beethoven's Piano Sonata #26 "Les Adieux" for D5, and we took it throughout the DC Metro area for our Fall concerts. As we continued to promote the upcoming Chopin album release in our programming, we were delighted to find Eddie's Beethoven was a consistent hit with our audiences!

7. Which brings us to Winter and the last piece of exciting news. Composer Evis Sammoutis's completed piece is finally here!! Thanks to Chamber Music America's Classical Commissioning grant, we've received the final score, parts, harmonicas, and tubes for Evis' incredible new wind quintet.

Look for the premiere in February at the Anderson House in DC. Later that month, we will bring it up to Ithaca College for our residency recital.

This commission has been made possible by the Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Program, with generous funding provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Chamber Music America Endowment Fund.


Here's to 2017 and all its satisfying project endings and exciting project beginnings. We are grateful for all the new friends and collaborators we've met this year.

Keep your eyes open for news of our debut album release in 2018.

Enjoy the holidays!

Laura, Zack, Alison, Eddie, and Laura




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