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As we put together our latest program, EXILED, we came across many incredible thoughts on the subject of exile and feel we only began to scratch the surface. We picked just a few thoughts to be recorded (by our good friend, Yong!) and played in between works on the program. Here are those quotes plus some more favorites that didn't make it into the show:

"A composer cannot view the world in which he lives with indifference. Human suffering, oppression, injustice... all that comes to me in my thoughts. Where there is pain, where there is injustice, I want to have my say through my music." - Isang Yun, 1983

“Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; the secret of redemption lies in remembrance” - Richard von Weizsaecker, President of West Germany

“There are only two things worth striving for: decent music and a pure conscience. . .”

- Paul Hindemith

“I want my music to move people, to alert them to this kind of tragedy. . . I want them to realize that. . . we still have war and killing and no freedom.” - Karel Husa

“Being very young still, I didn’t want to let anyone interfere with my plans, and thought I knew better than the Government.” - Karel Husa

“I came from one country into another, where my head can be erect, where kindness and cheerfulness is dominating, and where to live is a joy and to be an expatriate of another country is the grace of God.” - Arnold Schoenberg

“When Hitler came to Austria, the next day I decided to go to the American Embassy and apply for a visa. I asked Zemlinsky if he intended to stay in Vienna. He wanted to sleep it over. And the following morning he said to me: I’m coming with you.”

- Louise Zemlinsky

Isang Yun




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